Simple Basement Renovation and Remodeling Tips

Tips From a Basement Renovation Expert

If your basement has become a thing of the past, now’s the right time that it needs a facelift. Remodeling or renovating your basement is challenging because you might be unsure what to do with it. However, it’s a thing you don’t want to ignore either because you can maximize the space of your home. Here are some things you might want to look in to during basement renovation:

Incorporate bright colors

If your basement is dark, then it’s a reason to make it bright! Adding bright and bold colors to your basement will make it lively. Since most basement only has one window, you can paint light colors and add colorful materials so it will look alive rather than dreary.

Lighting is a thing

Are you planning on installing overhead lights? Your basement might look creepy. What you can do is to integrate different levels of lighting. You might want to install a huge chandelier with plenty of bulbs for the ceiling. Apart from that, you might want to add floor lamps to ensure that the path is well lit. Don’t forget table lamps for added illumination.


If you have a huge basement, you might want to divide the room and maximize the space. For instance, you can make it a laundry and drying room at the same time. Or your basement can be a place to play video games on the other while table tennis on the other side. The possibilities are endless! You might want to seek help from a professional basement renovation expert for ideas.


As a part of your property, don’t take advantage of your basement. You don’t need to make it look fancy than your room upstairs, though. Perhaps, you might want to see your basement as a different world from what’s up. For instance, you can transform your basement into a vintage station where you reminisce things from the past. You can also make it into a bar, where you and your family members chill and drink. Designing your basement is fun, especially when the entire family is involved!

Your basement shouldn’t be left hidden in the dark. If you need a professional for basement refinishing or renovation, companies in Columbus, OH like Buckeye Basements, Inc. can help. Call (740) 368-5888 for inquiries.